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We delivered a full solution comprising of design, fabrication, and installation across key locations in the UK.

Design, Fabrication and Build Process

Astra Group delivered a full solution comprising of; design, procurement, fabrication, delivery, installation of; steelwork, LED and commissioning.

Astra Group are the principal contractor for delivering over 50 of the 48-sheet and Mega6 displays & structures across key locations in London, Manchester & the Midlands.

As part of the project brief, Astra Group were asked to provide full consultancy and design services for the LED screen, this includes all ongoing mechanical and structural engineering design work for the supporting steelwork as well as the LED screen and cladding. Astra Group continues to procure all of the LED and are fully responsible for the project management, installation, and commissioning for each of the D48 (digital billboards) deployed across the UK. 

Astra Group currently offers first line support services to support these deployments alongside the current content provider.