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Our close working relationship with architects and designers is something we’re very proud of here at Astra Group.

We have been working to enhance some of the most complex and demanding spaces since 1984, and it’s this hard-fought, completely in-house technical expertise that sets us apart from our competitors.

With long-standing client relationships spanning 15 years and more, it’s clear to see that our high-quality approach to assessing an initial concept, surveying, designing, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining bespoke architectural signage solutions is second to none.

From the most subtle, back-lit, bespoke lettering sign solution that considers the nuanced differences of the natural light in its specified area to the largest airport wayfinding signage installation that delivers against the toughest global industry standards, we’re here to deliver complementary signage designs across the widest range of materials and to your exacting specifications.


A brilliant modern sign design, at Astra Signs we worked on the development of our own version of this bespoke sign type over the course of several months and believe we have perfected our craftsmanship here. Our infinity mirror signs can incorporate various types of illumination and characters or create a starry night-scape.


Working in close collaboration with our clients and based on an in-depth understanding of navigational demands, visitor flows, health and safety as well as DDA legislation, we take pride in striking the perfect balance between the clear and intelligent communication of internal wayfinding information and designs that visually enhance internal environments and your brand.


Directory or reception signs are the main interior signage solutions used for orientation and navigation and form the framework of a consistent signing system. The directory signs should give an overview of a building, offer a choice of destinations and can incorporate associated information, such as a map or floor plan that covers a site or area, internally or externally.


Perfect if you are looking to add your company branding to the entrance of your office. Our office logo signs are available in a wide range of finishes including acrylic, vinyl, stainless steel and brass, amongst many other options.


LED Flex Neon signs are a cost effective alternative to traditional neon. Available in a range of colours, and manufactured to your bespoke design requirements. The advantage of LED Neon signs includes durability, ease of use and low voltage. Making it a great energy saving alternative.

LED Illuminated

We employ the very latest LED technologies to create attention-grabbing, illuminated signage that really stands out in busy internal environments. And they’re incredibly energy efficient too!


LED acrylic neon signs are a robust alternative to traditional neon signs. Available in a range of colours, and manufactured to your bespoke design requirements.


An ideal and cost-effective way of identifying rooms in private and public sectors. Door identification signs can be made from a variety of materials to suit your bespoke requirements, and can include braille and tactile detail where necessary on a variety of substrates.


Every building should show staff, customers and other visitors how to operate in case of emergency. These fire plan signs can be as simple as a snap frame and poster, or as classy as a flame polished acrylic panel with a graphic to the reverse and edge illumination. Anything to suit your bespoke requirements.


Safety signs should be clear, legible, and cover all relevant legalities. They can still be made to suit bespoke requirements, utilising illumination and a massive variety of substrates to suit your requirements.


Our wall plaques are made utilising laser cutting and digital print technology and sign making skills to manufacture high quality perspex signs which are suitable for both interior and exterior use with no maintenance. Optional stand off fixings or caps are also available.


Another ideal and cost-effective way of furnishing your interior wayfinding. Corridor signs can be made from a variety of materials to suit your bespoke requirements, and can include braille and tactile detail where required on a variety of substrates.


Foam PVC is a cost-effective and versatile internal solution for a variety of requirements. Bespoke shapes, colours, sizes, the ability to paint or mount a print onto the material really means you can achieve anything required with this simple substrate. We have even completed works here at Astra Signs where we have mounted multiple layers of different thicknesses and colours together to achieve a really remarkable result. Our Foamex Printed Boards are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and come in a range of thicknesses.


In multiple office facilities and the like, suspended directory boards are a great way of presenting information to save staff time, and make greetings to your building simpler and more effective. These signs can be manufactured from a variety of substrates, and can have interchangeable features for tenant or persona name changes.


Reception and entrance area signage is the easiest way to present your company logo, and a perfect way to create a positive and lasting first impression as well as an inviting and enticing reception area. Our reception signs can be made from virtually any material to suit your bespoke design requirements.


Most commonly used in internal environments, living green walls are perfect for bringing a feel of the great outdoors into your internal environment.