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White Circle Design Studio – Be.EV Office

Explore the innovative transformation of Be.EV's Manchester office space, crafted by White Circle Design Studio and Astra Group. Experience the vibrant blend of functionality and aesthetics, setting a new standard in the electric vehicle charge network industry.

Innovative Office Solutions: Be.EV's Inspiring Manchester Hub


Be.EV, a leading electric vehicle charge network, is undergoing a transformative relocation of its Manchester office space to accommodate its exponential growth. Doubling in size, the new office will host over 40 individuals, offering dedicated meeting spaces and private breakout areas tailored to foster collaboration.

Reflecting Be.EV’s community-driven and people-centric approach, the fully branded environment promotes collaborative work through its open-plan layout. The office prominently features Be.EV’s distinct green logo, vibrant color palette, and custom-made faux neon wall art illustrating cables, crafted by Astra Group.

White Circle Design Studio enlisted Astra Group to manufacture and install all components of the office transformation. With a focus on sustainability, Astra Group carefully selected materials for signage elements to align with Be.EV’s ethos.

Welcome Hub Signage:

The Face and halo illuminated Logo, spanning 1000 x 1000mm, graces the Fern Moss wall. Crafted from 1.2 x 100mm deep returns with 2.5mm aluminum router cut faces, the logo is meticulously designed. Stencil cut and backed up, it boasts a flush finish to the face, radiating a sense of sophistication. Internally illuminated by 3500kv warm white Sloan LED modules, the signage casts a welcoming glow. Mounted off the wall with 20mm clear tube supports, its feeds gracefully exit through the rear, ascending to ceiling height. Fern Moss, delicately applied to 9mm plywood backing, is accented by a 3mm aluminum black capping trim, enveloping the logo with elegance.

A beacon of identity, the illuminated logo on the Fern Moss wall warmly greets visitors and staff, symbolising Be.EV’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. Its presence sets the tone for the office, inviting individuals into a space where environmental consciousness and cutting-edge design converge.

Ceiling Signage:

Crafted from 5mm foam PVC and meticulously CNC router cut, the letters stand as testaments to precision and craftsmanship. Wet sprayed RAL white, they exude a pristine allure. Suspended from the ceiling with counter-sunk screws, the crisp white letters embody Be.EV’s forward-thinking spirit. The sign’s presence reinforces the brand’s values with every upward glance.

Light Features Faux Neon:

Custom faux neon signs adorn each meeting room, crafted to reflect aspects of Be.EV’s visual branding. Utilising FlexiBrite, a completely flexible LED with a bright white 6500kv LED reel, this allowed the installation team to replicate the design on the wall with ease due to the flexibility of the tubing. Embedded into groove lines and capped with an 8mm clear acrylic sheet. Infusing character into meeting rooms, the custom faux neon signs not only illuminate but also inspire. Each icon reflects facets of Be.EV’s visual identity. Their presence transcends mere decoration, embodying Be.EV’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in every glowing detail.


The reeded glass effect film delicately applied to meeting room windows strikes a delicate balance between privacy and transparency. It envelops discussions in an ambiance of sophistication and professionalism. Seamlessly integrating functionality with aesthetics, it encapsulates Be.EV’s dedication to creating environments that are as functional as they are visually striking.

Wall Graphics:

Adorning the walls with electrifying quotes and illustrations, the space pulsates with energy and creativity. Each graphic serves as a constant reminder of Be.EV’s mission and vision. Crafted with full-color digital print onto Roughmark vinyl, with MG702 matte laminate and contour cut to shapes, these graphics spark inspiration, uniting individuals under the banner of innovation and progress.


In conclusion, the transformation of Be.EV’s Manchester office space, designed by White Circle Design Studio in collaboration with Astra Group, stands as a testament to innovation, sustainability, and the power of thoughtful design.

From the moment visitors step foot into the welcoming embrace of the illuminated logo on the Fern Moss wall, it becomes evident that this space is more than just an office—it’s a manifestation of Be.EV’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. The craftsmanship of each signage element, from the precision-cut letters adorning the ceiling to the vibrant faux neon signs illuminating the meeting rooms, reflects Be.EV’s ethos and values.

As Be.EV continues to lead the charge in the electric vehicle charge network industry, their Manchester office space stands as a beacon of progress— White Circle Design Studio and Astra Group have created a space that not only reflects Be.EV’s values also inspire all who inhabit it to embrace innovation and strive for excellence.