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Bury College Health and Digital Centre

Discover how Astra Group successfully designed, manufactured, and installed an internal wayfinding scheme for Bury College's latest facility.

Astra Group's Wayfinding Solution: Enhancing Navigation at Bury College's Health & Digital Centre

Astra Group was approached by HH Smith & Sons Ltd to undertake a signage project for the new Health & Digital Centre at Bury College. The project required the implementation of a comprehensive signage package, encompassing both external signs and an internal wayfinding scheme.

The signage elements were crucial for creating a welcoming and organised environment within the Health & Digitial Centre, ensuring smooth navigation and clear identification of important areas for students and staff.

The client appointed Astra to undertake the signage project based on the previous successful collaboration and Astra’s expertise in signage. Astra’s role was to design, manufacture and install various signage components that align with the project’s vision and objectives.

Client Background:

HH Smith & Sons Ltd, a construction company with a track record of successful projects, had previously collaborated with Astra on the Hilton Garden Inn in Snowdonia. 

Astra and HH Smith & Sons Ltd have worked together to create an impressive signage solution for Bury Collage’s new building, further strengthening our relationship as trusted partners in the industry. 

As a client, HH Smith & Sons Ltd values the importance of solid partnerships and collaboration in achieving project success.  

Given the great successful track record and positive working relationship with Astra, HH Smith & Sons entrusted Astra with the responsibility of designing and implementing the signage package for the Health & Digitial Centre.


Astra was responsible for creating a visually striking monument totem that would capture attention and act as a focal point for those approaching the facility, the external totem sign serves as a landmark to guide visitors to the centre.

In addition, Astra manufactured built-up stainless steel brushed letters to be strategically placed at the entrance of the Heath & Digital Centre, allowing students, staff, and visitors to identify the correct building. 

To enhance visibility and brand recognition, Astra incorporated a large external face-illuminated college logo on the side of the building. This logo consists of built-up rim and return letters with back carrier panels cut to the shape of the letters. 

This feature ensured that the Health & Digital Centre could be easily identified from a distance, both during the day and night, creating a strong visual impact. 

Internally, Astra developed an efficient and user-friendly wayfinding scheme to assist visitors in navigating the different sections of the Health & Digital Centre. 

Designing and implementing an internal wayfinding scheme for Bury College’s new Health & Digital Centre involves several key elements that contribute to effective navigation and user experience within the facility. 


Main directory by the entrance of the building: A prominently placed main directory near the entrance serves as the primary point of reference for visitors. It provides an overview of the building layout, room locations, and key facilities. This directory helps users quickly orient themselves and determine their desired destination within the building.


Door signs indicating each room: Door signs placed on individual rooms help users easily identify and locate specific classrooms. These signs display the room number or name, enabling visitors to navigate the facility efficiently. Clear and visible door signs minimise confusion and save time by ensuring visitors can easily find their desired destinations.


Lift/stair landing directional signs: Lift/stair landing directional signs guide users to the nearest lifts or stairs, enabling efficient vertical movement within the building. These signs help individuals locate the appropriate vertical circulation paths and ensure they can reach their desired floors quickly and safely.


Directional wall signs: Directional wall signs provide continuous guidance throughout the building, particularly at decision points such as intersections or corridors. By strategically placing these signs, visitors can navigate complex layouts or interconnected areas with ease. These signs offer clear directional information, reducing the chances of getting lost or disoriented.


Icon signs on the toilets: Icon signs on the toilets use universally recognized symbols to indicate restroom facilities. By employing icons, language barriers, and potential confusion are minimised, allowing users to quickly locate and access the nearest restroom facilities.


Lift safety signs/stair safety signs: Lift and stair safety signs play a crucial role in promoting safety within the building. These signs provide important information regarding emergency procedures, fire exits, weight limits, and other safety considerations. By prominently displaying safety signage, the building ensures that occupants are aware of potential hazards and can respond appropriately in case of emergencies.


Floor level identifiers: Floor level identifiers are essential for users to determine their current position within the building. These identifiers are placed near stairs, lifts, or other prominent locations, clearly indicating the floor number or name. Floor-level identifiers help users orient themselves and navigate between different levels efficiently.


Projecting signs identifying the stairs: Projecting signs placed at strategic locations identify the position of staircases, even when they are not directly visible. These signs help users easily locate staircases and offer a visual reference, allowing for seamless wayfinding in the building.


In conclusion, the successful design, manufacturing, and installation of an internal wayfinding scheme for Bury College’s new Health and Digital Centre are crucial in providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for visitors. 

By incorporating these elements, Bury College’s Health and Digital Centre can effectively guide students and staff, minimising confusion and optimising navigation. 

Ultimately, this comprehensive approach to wayfinding not only facilitates easy navigation within the building but also reflects the professionalism and attention to detail of Astra Group. 

With clear and concise signage, Bury College’s Health and Digital Centre can provide a welcoming and efficient environment for all who enter, reinforcing its commitment to excellent facilities and user satisfaction.

Astra successfully fulfilled the signage requirements for the Bury College New Health & Digital Centre project. Through the collaboration with HH Smith & Sons Ltd, Astra provided a comprehensive signage package that encompassed external monument signs and an internal wayfinding scheme. The project resulted in creating visually appealing and functional signage solutions, contributing to the overall success of the Health & Digital Centre at Bury College.

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