Find out how we're illuminating an iconic 1960s Manchester music venue.


From sushi to Sunday roasts, you’ll find a myriad of cuisines in this recently renovated 1960’s music venue situated in the heart of NOMA. This project had 2 phases of the installation process, with the light boxes to be installed first and then completing the project with the installation of the wayfinding and windows.

In order to keep the food hall consistent with the designer’s brand idea, our client, OnePlusFour, approached us with the request to supply and install light boxes above the all food stands.

Adding a modern touch to contrast the mid-century interior design, Astra manufactured and installed faux LED neon wayfinding signs to identify the internal toilets and bars. This also includes a matching sign for the kitchen, which is shown at the entrance of the hall. Customers are still able to navigate through the kitchen by using faux neon wayfinding signs, while the glow from the LED neon maintains the moody ambiance.

To showcase the different types of food to passersby, we produced and installed window graphics of the highest quality by precisely applying on to each window with accuracy by our installation team.The window graphics consist of small circular vinyls with each food vendor’s branding and large vinyls in a contrasting colour at the entrance of the kitchen door which catches the attention of passerbys from a distance. 


At the beginning of this project, we were to liaise with electrical contracts to install the lightboxes when it was still a building site, this is to ensure all health and saftey measures were followed and to locate where the wiring of the signage would be. When this became a live site, we continued to liaise with the end client to secure the quality of the signage provided is up to the client’s satisfaction. 

We have received plenty of positive reception from our clients and customers who visit the kitchen, which we have seen posted social media. 


As a Manchester based company, we pride ourselves in supporting other businesses in our area. In a rapidly growing city like Manchester, this project is a vital part of preserving Manchester’s history as well as giving these historic buildings a new lease of life.

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