Astra Signs are providing new signage for retail giants, Skechers, across all European stores.


In September 2021, Astra were approached to prepare new signage for global retail giants Skechers, for their latest flagship store located in the capital of Spain. As part of their ongoing expansion of new stores across Europe, the new store is situated in Madrid’s most famous street, Gran Via, which is home to some of the city’s most iconic buildings.

As part of the project, we were asked to provide signage in a plethora of different styles, all manufactured using the latest in house technology and methods, at our manufacturing facility based in Manchester.


Construction began in November 2021. We provided the client with temporary window and hoarding graphics to promote the brand and their forthcoming new store.

Working closely with the architects, Goan Stella Design, and Skechers store design team based in California, we provided detailed construction specifications for our signage. Working closely as a team, on the accuracy of the fine details, to ensure a smooth process from design to installation. We had to navigate through a number of obstacles and changes along the way, and as a team, we were able to overcome the matters and provide appropriate solutions.

We attended site to survey for accurate information, and make plans for the electrical necessities of the illuminated signage, and to ensure that our signage was tailored to the requirements asked, in particular, a set of illuminated letters, that were installed to a curved window frame on the external façade of the building.


We provided three sets of bespoke illuminated letters to the outside of the building, all affixed to custom rails matched to the colours of the existing window frames, for a discreet and quality finish. In addition, we provided an illuminated projecting “blade” sign, finished to their specific corporate brand colour.

On the inside of the store, we manufactured two enormous LED faux neon signs, two metres in diameter, which were installed into the window bays of the side elevation of the store, and an illuminated logo.

In the sales area, we provided a fabric light box, complete with custom printed skin, which then also had a 3D illuminated brand logo secured on the face.

Working closely with the project manager from Skechers, we co-ordinated the delivery of the signage to site, and sent an team of engineers out from the UK to site to install the signage.

Most importantly, the project was delivered on time, and within the agreed budget.


District Sales Manager, Marine Maurin, was present to oversee the opening of the store and commented,

“Please join me in welcoming the latest flagship store to Gran Via, Madrid, Spain. This year, Skechers Spain is celebrating its 20th anniversary, what best way to celebrate it than opening an amazing store in the main commercial street of the Spanish capital, Madrid, in the historical shopping street famous for its landscape. It’s the third concept store in the region of Madrid, and store number 15 in Iberia. Even if local people went on holidays, the tourists were present and love our brand, so much so that by 3pm the store already traded exceptionally. As always with a store opening, it’s a big team effort, where every department played a key role. From the Construction team to IT, Marketing, Recruitment, Retail, thank you with the store opening, you have all done an amazing job, too many others to personally thank, you know you all made this possible”.

Project Manager, Carlos de Simon-Altuna also commented,

“A big THANK YOU to each one of you, for this fantastic job!