Astra Signs provides new external signage and a wayfinding scheme for The Royal Exchange Manchester.

Keep your signage consistent when rebranding your business.


Continuing our relationship with our clients, BVK High Street Retail Royal Exchange Manchester Limited, was in need of a new wayfinding scheme that would match the building’s concept artwork and enhance its aesthetic appeal. The project brief was to redesign the existing signs to match the client’s vision and ensure that the signs were clear. 

As part of this project, the centre has also decided to revamp its wayfinding system to better reflect the new branding and improve the experience for visitors. The previous signs did not align with the centre’s new branding which created a disconnect between the visual identity of the centre and the information being communicated to visitors.

Design and Development:

During the design process, our team paid close attention to finer details to ensure that our client received the best possible version of the signage. We worked closely with our clients to understand their requirements. To guarantee that the signs would last for as long as possible, we also used the highest quality materials and fabrication processes used in the industry.

Anodising Process:

The anodising process is a critical step in the creation of the wayfinding signage to match the external signage. In order to ensure that all colors matched precisely, we had to follow a stringent anodising procedure. This involved carefully selecting the right materials and using advanced techniques to produce a consistent finish that would withstand the test of time.

Installation Process:

The installation process was carried out out of hours, to minimise disruption to the footfall at Royal Exchange Manchester, especially during the busy Christmas season. We started by removing the existing signs and preparing the surfaces for the new signs. Our team of experienced installers then worked efficiently to ensure that the new signs were securely fitted and in the correct location.


The new wayfinding scheme at The Royal Exchange Manchester was a great success. The wayfinding signage matched the client’s vision and enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the building. 

Our team is proud to have delivered a solution that exceeded the client’s expectations and improved visitors’ experience at The Royal Exchange Manchester. Using high-quality materials ensured the signs would last for years, providing a uniform and recognizable wayfinding solution.

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