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An Olympic-Scale Installation Challenge

Despite a typically rainy day in Manchester, the Olympic athletes’ parade on 17 October was a roaring success – and Astra Signs was very proud to produce the majority of the event’s display graphics.

These included barrier signage at the start and end; fence fabric around the perimeter of Albert Square, where the culminating show took place; and even decorations for the trucks carrying our sporting heroes, as they celebrated their achievements at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

High volume and speedy installation were both vital requirements for this mammoth task, including:

  • Production of a total of 2000sqm of large-format print products
  • Manufacturing within five days, using three printers round the clock and staff working overtime
  • Project management and installation – all on the day of the parade – supervised by Joseph Derbyshire Jr and senior fitter Wayne Ramsay
  • Ten Astra Signs team members working on-site to make sure everything was completed to the satisfaction of the organisers

Our client at Manchester City Council said:

“Thanks for your help. Don’t think we would have managed to get all that branding on trucks without it!”

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