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National Apprenticeship Week 2024 – Project Management Apprentice

A Glimpse Into Drew Patrick’s Apprenticeship Journey

At Astra Group, we thrive on honoring apprentices from diverse backgrounds and job roles, spanning from exhilarating realms like marketing, project management, to design!

During National Apprenticeship Week, we’re excited to spotlight Drew Patrick, currently undertaking a Level 4 Project Management apprenticeship at Astra Group. 

Drew’s apprenticeship showcases the blend of mentorship and practical learning at Astra Group. He highlights the importance of adaptability, resilience, and collaboration in navigating project management challenges. Read more about his experience below:

What is your apprenticeship course? 

Drew: I am studying a level four project management course. 

What does the course involve? 

Drew: The project management course is two years long, this includes on-the-job learning, coursework, and an exam at the end of the course. After that, I’ll be a qualified project manager. 

What have you learned throughout your apprenticeship?

Drew: My apprenticeship is related to my day-to-day at Astra Group. Learning on the job has helped me answer some of my questions from my apprenticeship, as well as my professional and personal development.

What does your day-to-day look like? 

Drew: My day-to-day includes, managing projects and assisting the project managers with current projects. This helps me in my understanding of the workflow of a project manager, ensuring a project goes as smoothly as possible and how to work efficiently under a limited time frame. 

How has Astra Group helped with your career development? 

Drew: I would say learning from the seniors in the company and spending time with them. They’ve always been there to answer any questions and provide support in areas that I am not so confident in. 

What do you want to do after finishing your apprenticeship?

Drew: Once I’ve finished my apprenticeship, I would like to continue my career at Astra Group in a junior project management role. Seeing my other colleagues’ career progression within the company inspires and motivates me to follow in their footsteps and further expand on my knowledge.

What is one piece of advice you can share with other apprentices? 

Drew: One piece of advice is to always ask and don’t be afraid to ask questions to the people you’re working with. Sometimes, it’s hard to manage tasks, so make sure that you’re speaking to your line manager to ensure you have enough time to study too.