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Global Health & Safety Remedial

Continuing our relationship with Global, a multinational company with a significant presence in the digital signage industry.

Due to the critical role that these screens play in communicating important information and advertising, Global has tasked us to perform a health and safety remedial on a high rise Portrait screen on the M4 which required maintenance to ensure it met the latest health and safety regulations. This case study outlines the steps taken to upgrade the system and ensure it is in compliance with regulations.


Installation Of New Comms Cabinet:

The first step in the upgrade process was to install a new comms cabinet on the unistrut of the ground floor. This cabinet was necessary to house the new digital signage system and its components. The installation team used the unistrut to securely mount the cabinet to the floor, ensuring it was level and sturdy. 

This step was crucial in ensuring the safety of the cabinet and the people who would use it. We also identified opportunities to upgrade the performance of the screens, such as installing new hardware or software to ensure they are functionally operating. 

Double Plug and Connect Power from the Distribution Board:

The next step was to install a double plug and connect it to the distribution board. This was necessary to ensure that the digital signage system had a reliable power supply and to prevent overloading the electrical system. The installation team worked closely with the electrician to ensure that the double plug was installed correctly and connected to the distribution board safely.

Handrail Installation:

Finally, two sets of handrails were installed to provide support and stability for individuals using the digital signage system. The handrails were installed at a suitable height and length to ensure that they were easily accessible and provided adequate support. The installation team followed all health and safety regulations when installing the handrails, including the use of safety harnesses and fall protection equipment.


The remediation process was successful in ensuring the ongoing reliability and performance of Global’s portrait screens. Our team was able to make several upgrades resulting in improved system performance and reduced downtime. The new system was in compliance with the latest health and safety regulations. 

As a trusted provider of digital signage maintenance services, we are committed to delivering outstanding results for our clients.