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Retail Signage – How To Make Your Stores Stand Out From The Crowd

Whether you have one retail outlet or a nationwide chain, there are a huge number of solutions that will make sure your store captures the attention of your customers, whether you have one outlet or 100.

The purpose of retail signage is to grab your customers’ attention, without overwhelming their senses and surroundings. There are many ways that you can achieve your objectives, whether you want to lead the way in retail sign design, use a traditional method that blends in with your shop’s environment, or implement a nationwide fit-out that is consistent across hundreds of stores across the country.

Whatever you want to achieve, there’s a solution that suits your brand, your store, your customers and your budget.

We’ve rounded up just some of the options that could help your retail store stand out from the crowd.

Design and branding

In the retail sector, your shop front is your business card – it has to represent your identity, your values, and your personality in an instant, and a crowded high street.

Your brand identity should be communicated consistently across every element of your retail signage, the design stage is a key part of the process and will ensure the end product is a design-led portrayal of your brand.

For example, is your business groundbreaking and innovative, or more suited to an established, traditional approach? Either way, there’s a signage solution to match.

Exterior branding and lighting

Arguably the most important piece of retail signage is the one positioned right above your front door. From positioning your business in the market and speaking volumes to your target market, every detail has to be correct.

Our teams can come up with a creative, innovative solution that really makes your store stand out from the rest. For example, our recent work with Bank Fashion saw our teams put their heads together to create a bespoke, three-dimensional lettering solution that was extremely distinctive and something that had never been seen before in a retail setting.

Vibrant window vinyls

Whether you want to reinforce your unique brand identity, shout about a seasonal sale or new promotion, vibrant, removable window vinyls produced to any size, could be the perfect solution.

Full retail fit out

Your customers are the very life force of your retail business, so why not grab their attention with a true customer experience, a full store fit-out that truly represents your brand with an interactive, digital or bespoke lighting installation.

Our recent work with Blacks Outdoor saw the teams work together on a bespoke LED lighting display that covered entire walls within stores up and down the UK.

Bespoke lettering

Traditional methods of sign making, such as sign painting and handmade, bespoke lettering can make an incredible impact on the front of your store. Each individual letter can be designed and manufactured to your exact requirements, whether your brand is best suited to a vibrant, illuminated design similar to Boost Juice Bars, cut out acrylic lettering, polished steel numerals or something else that’s never been done before!

Neon or LED lighting

Light the way to your store with bold LED or neon lighting. The options for these versatile materials are endless, from a huge neon display similar to the iconic Printworks in Manchester, or an innovative approach to LED lighting strips, such as that used in Bank Fashion stores across the UK, there’s something to suit everyone.

Whatever your goals, the team at Astra Signs can help you achieve your retail signage objectives, by truly getting to know your business to create the best-fit solution for your brand, your store and your customers.

Our expert surveyors and project managers can manage the entire project to ensure the best-fit solution that’s finished to an exceptional standard by our experienced craftsmen and installation teams.

We are committed to delivering exceptional quality and consistency, so each one of your stores will receive the same specialist treatment, whether you have one or 100.

Get in touch today and see how Astra Signs can make your retail signage dream a reality.