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Astra Digital – Gatwick Airport flight information display

Find your flight with ease at Gatwick Airport.

Upgrading Gatwick Airport with strategically placed screens.

Gatwick Airport is one of the UK’s busiest Airports servicing millions of passengers a year, located South of London.
Our team of digital experts creatively engineered, specified and installed the flight information display which has helped to define the passenger experience. All content can easily and cost-effectively be updated by the client, minimising the need for paper and digital prints.
Astra Group installed six Philips LED backlight, full HD 55″ screens in the South Terminal. The unit is strategically placed at the exit of the International Arrivals opposite Costa Coffee to capture maximum footfall.
Astra realigned the existing steelwork and screen brackets and installed new aluminium cladding, powder-coated black. We commissioned the screen and imaged the content to create a single video wall. The six screens are mounted on pop-out brackets to enable the unit to be easily maintained.