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San Carlo – Deansgate and Hale, Manchester

Find out how we transformed this renowned Italian restaurant's signage.

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Continuing our relationship with our long-term client, San Carlo, Astra was tasked with producing the new signage to elevate the restaurant’s look, keeping their new brand identity consistent throughout all branches.

Bask in the grandeur of San Carlo Deansgate’s newest signage illuminates the city streets.We have manufactured face-illuminated and built-up mirror gold letters, matching the restaurant’s interior and exuding a refined and opulent look, giving the business an extra touch of sophistication. Watch heads turn and jaws drop as the glow of this minimalistic, yet luxurious masterpiece guides hungry stomachs to the restaurant.

In addition to this, we updated the San Carlo branch located at the Marriott Airport Hotel on Hale Barns in Cheshire, by giving their current signage a refresher and keeping up to date with their modern brand identity. This update shows how we transformed the restaurant’s old signage with new techniques ensuring their signage doesn’t need consistent maintenance in the future as we replaced the glass neon signage with backlit LED lighting.  

Illuminated signage can make a huge difference to the visual appeal of your business, especially if your business is situated on a highly populated road or by the motorway where passersby will be able to recognise your business from a distance and allow extra visibility during nighttime, which helps further promote your business day through night, maximising your customer reach.

We have updated both of San Carlo Hale’s outdoor signage, giving both signs a new lick of paint and carefully painting the letters a vibrant turquoise blue San Carlo is known for.

Designed and manufactured by our highly qualified manufacturing and design teams, Astra’s signage meets all industry standards in the finest detail.

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