Transforming Deansgate Square into a brightly lit illuminated space, as lightboxes highlight retailers.

Astra Group are proud to be part of new luxury development, Deansgate Square by leading property developer, Renaker.

Manchester locals and visitors are likely to recognise this collection of skyscrapers as part of the city’s iconic skyline. The luxury development of Deansgate Square contains some of Manchester’s tallest apartment blocks, along with a variety of retailers.

Renaker, one of the leading property developers in Manchester, approached us to provide the technical specifications and manufacture entrance signage for the retailers surrounding Deansgate Square and get approval from Renaker for the primary designs. Our responsibility also extended to creating signage packs for any new businesses opening in the area and ensuring consistency in quality.

The signage industry is highly competitive, and companies are continually looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors. One way to achieve this is to provide exceptional service to clients and ensure that their needs are met.

To achieve these goals, we worked closely with Renaker to ensure that the signage designs met their standards. The first step was to review the concept designs and create technical specifications for the entrance signage. Our design and fabrication teams worked together to ensure that the designs were visually appealing and could be produced within the client’s budget and timeline.

Once the technical specifications were approved, the fabrication team began producing the signage packs which consist of acrylic illuminated light boxes with each business name displayed on the front. We used high-quality materials and ensured that the branding was consistent across all signage, ensuring that the businesses in the area had a minimal yet cohesive look.

In conclusion, the success of this project was the result of our dedication to meeting the needs of our clients and providing high-quality service. By working closely with our clients to ensure that their designs met their standards and creating consistent signage for new businesses who take over the retail space.

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