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Beechwood Studios Infinity Mirror

Astra Group partnered with Beechwood Studios to manufacture an extraordinary infinity mirror for a high-profile beauty promotion. With a keen focus on meeting airport standards, the project demanded meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to safety.

Crafting a Mesmerising Infinity Mirror for Beechwood Studios

Project Overview

Beechwood Studios, a renowned creative agency, sought the expertise of Astra Group to manufacture a captivating infinity mirror for an upcoming beauty promotion. The mirror was scheduled for installation at the end of April 2023, demanding meticulous planning and prompt execution. Notably, the client emphasised the imperative need for the infinity mirror to meet rigorous airport standards, reflecting their commitment to ensuring a safe and compliant promotional display.

To adhere to these airport standards, the client stated specific requirements, emphasising the utilisation of safety glass and kite-marked materials throughout the mirror’s construction. This meticulous attention to detail ensured the highest level of safety for airport visitors and personnel. Furthermore, the client highlights the importance of incorporating low smoke and fume cables, guaranteeing a secure and non-hazardous electrical system. 


Airport Regulations

Recognising the airport’s regulations, the client supplied Astra Group with preliminary concept designs, offering a visual representation of their desired infinity mirror.  Additionally, the client specified the overall height of the mirror to be 1800mm, considering the airport’s guidelines and restrictions. This height constraint posed a challenge that required Astra Group’s expertise in engineering and design to ensure compliance while maintaining the visual appeal and functionality of the mirror.

By collaborating closely with Beechwood Studios and meticulously addressing their specific requirements, Astra Group embarked on the task of translating the concept designs into a fully functional and airport-standard infinity mirror. This project demanded seamless coordination, problem-solving, and strict adherence to regulations to ensure the timely delivery of a visually stunning and compliant product.


To achieve the mesmerising infinity effect, U channels are expertly welded to the reverse side of the face tray, enabling the mirror to be precisely bolted to the back tray. 

This design detail ensures the mirror is positioned at the perfect distance, creating a reflection that seemingly stretches into infinite depths. The mirror boasts a sleek and modern aesthetic with an aluminum rim and a clear acrylic PETG cover. The aluminum rim provides structural support and enhances the mirror’s durability, while the transparent cover, enhanced by a one-way mirror film, allows the internal illumination to shine through, unveiling the mirror’s captivating effects. 

The internal illumination is achieved through the use of faux LED opal acrylic strips, measuring 30 x 15mm, which gracefully trace the mirror’s entire perimeter. These strips distribute light seamlessly, enhancing the infinity effect and immersing viewers in a mesmerizing visual spectacle. Complementing the LED opal acrylic faux neon lights, emit a vibrant and eye-catching glow. This radiant combination amplifies the mirror’s visual impact and entices viewers to engage with its enchanting effects. 

The sign’s structural integrity is ensured by its construction with a sturdy box section detail, guaranteeing its strength and stability. Additionally, the inclusion of a base detail equipped with steel castor wheels provides both stability and mobility, allowing for effortless positioning and easy relocation of the mirror. These specifications collectively create a remarkable and captivating infinity mirror, ready to astound viewers and elevate Beechwood Studios’ beauty promotion to new heights.


Technical Drawings

Once the concept drawing is received and approved, Astra Group will proceed to create detailed technical drawings. These drawings will serve as a visual guide for the fabrication process, providing step-by-step instructions on how to manufacture the infinity mirror. The technical drawings will showcase the precise method of assembly, highlighting the specific techniques and materials to be used. Additionally, the drawings will include a comprehensive list of materials and the components required for the mirror’s construction. This will ensure accurate procurement of materials and facilitate smooth production. 

The completed drawings will then be presented to the primary contact at Beechwood Studios for final approval, ensuring that the manufacturing process aligns with the client’s expectations and requirements.


In conclusion, the collaboration between Astra Group and Beechwood Studios for the manufacturing of an infinity mirror has been a successful endeavor. By closely adhering to airport standards and meticulously addressing the client’s requirements, Astra Group has delivered a visually stunning and compliant product. The mirror’s design creates a mesmerizing and captivating effect. The inclusion of neon lights, sturdy construction, and a base detail with steel castor wheels further enhance the mirror’s visual impact, stability, and mobility. 

With detailed technical drawings serving as a guide, Astra Group has ensured the precise assembly and fabrication process, aligning with Beechwood Studios’ expectations. 

The completed infinity mirror is ready to astound viewers and elevate Beechwood Studios’ beauty promotion to new heights. This successful collaboration demonstrates Astra Group’s expertise in engineering and design, as well as its commitment to meeting standards and delivering high-quality products.