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Living Ventures – Australasia Entrance Signage

Astra Group's bespoke illuminated signage and digital screen revitalised Australasia’s entrance, setting them apart and attracting more clientele.

Enhancing Entrances with Innovative Signage for Living Ventures

Client Background:

Living Ventures, a prominent group company managing renowned establishments like Australasia, Blackhouse, Grand Pacific, and Sunset across Greater Manchester and other cities, collaborated with Astra Group to revamp their signage strategy.

Client’s Challenge:

Facing competition from a new restaurant next door, Living Ventures sought a distinctive entrance solution to captivate potential customers and counter the competition.

Astra Group’s Solution:

Astra Group devised a bespoke entrance solution, featuring a unique illuminated Letter A, seamlessly integrated with the restaurant’s style. This design not only attracted attention but also enhanced brand identity. Additionally, a 32-inch high-brightness LCD digital screen was introduced for modernising the menu display and promoting events or seasonal offers. The content on the LED screen could be managed remotely using a CMS (content management software), providing flexibility for menu updates and promotions.

Signage Products Manufactured:

  1. Faux acrylic neon with 3000k LED modules embedded in an open trough Letter A, powder-coated to a metallic bronze finish.
  2. Freestanding structural grade box section, powder-coated to match the Letter A, elevating the sign in the space.
  3. 32-inch high-brightness LCD panel for the digital screen, supplied with digital signage software for remote content management.

Results and Impact:

The new signage in Australasia garnered positive feedback from passersby, effectively increasing public traction. The iconic Manchester restaurant successfully set itself apart from the competition through its distinctive design and modern approach to menu display. 

The strategic integration of illuminated signage and digital screens met the client’s brief and exceeded expectations, enhancing the overall appeal of the restaurant’s entrance and attracting more clientele.

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