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NQ 64 – Northern Quarter Bespoke Totem Sign

Discover how Astra Group revamped NQ64's iconic Northern Quarter location with eye-catching totem signage.

Illuminating the streets of Northern Quarter


Astra Group is proud to present a case study showcasing our recent signage project for NQ64, a renowned retro arcade bar chain operating throughout the UK. As NQ64’s trusted signage supplier, we have had the privilege of designing, manufacturing and installing signage for all of their branches across the United Kingdom. These locations include Bristol, Shoreditch, Manchester Peter St., Liverpool, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Glasgow, SoHo and Newcastle. 

In this case study, we focus on our latest installation at its original location, which has undergone expansion in the Northern Quarter of Manchester.

Project Overview:

NQ64’s Northern Quarter location in Manchester recently expanded by relocating next door from its original spot. To enhance the visibility of this expansion and maintain the retro arcade bar’s unique atmosphere, Astra Group was commissioned to design and manufacture new bespoke double-sided signage to be integrated into an existing totem. This signage not only serves as an identity marker but also complements the ambiance of NQ64’s retro arcade bar. The totem sign boasts an impressive overall height of 1395mm, making it a captivating addition to the Northern Quarter landscape.

Fabrication Process:

The fabrication of this eye-catching totem signage involved a meticulously planned process, ensuring durability, visuals, and functionality. 

Breakdown of the fabrication process:

  • Material Selection: The Astra team started by selecting premium materials for the signage. Aluminium sheets and block acrylic were chosen for their durability in outdoor environments.
  • CNC Routing: We used a CNC router to precision-cut the selected aluminium sheets into pieces that would eventually form the trays. Additionally, the router was used to accurately reproduce NQ64’s branding elements, including their logo and text. This step was crucial in maintaining NQ64’s unique brand identity.
  • Welding: The aluminium sheets were expertly welded together to form three-dimensional trays, adding depth and dimension to the signage.
  • Powder Coating: To enhance durability and protect the signage from outdoor elements, each tray was meticulously spray-painted with a powder coating finish, which is known for its resilience.
  • Curing: Following the painting process, the signage trays were cured in a specialised oven at high temperatures. This curing process ensures the longevity of the signage, even in poor weather conditions.
  • Sloan RGB Integration: Astra Group’s skilled team then assembled block acrylic on the back of each tray and incorporated Sloan RGB modules into the inside of the trays. Adding Sloan RGB modules not only illuminates the signage but also contributes to its visual appeal, especially at night time. The integration of RGB technology offers clients the flexibility to adjust the illumination colour seasonally or select a custom hue that aligns seamlessly with their brand identity.
  • Bespoke Neon Arrow: We included the creation of the tray for the bespoke arrow. To achieve this, the selected aluminium sheet was meticulously folded to its required shape. This shaped tray was designed to house the flexible neon and seamlessly fit the side of the main trays. To aid passersby in locating the retro arcade bar, a bespoke arrow was created using flexible LED neon. This element adds a unique touch to the signage, enhancing its visibility and guiding potential customers to NQ64’s Northern Quarter location.


Astra Group takes immense pride in the successful execution of this project for NQ64’s Northern Quarter expansion in Manchester. 

Our commitment to quality, precision, and innovation is evident in the bespoke totem signage we created. The result is a visually striking and functional piece that seamlessly blends with the retro arcade bar’s ambiance while enhancing its overall visibility.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with NQ64 and remain dedicated to providing top-notch signage solutions for their future endeavors. Astra Group’s expertise in design, fabrication, and installation ensures that our clients receive signage solutions that exceed their expectations and make a lasting impression.

Astra Group remains committed to creating tailor-made signage solutions for businesses across various industries. For inquiries about our signage services or to discuss potential collaborations, contact us via filling out the web form below or send us an email.