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Highlighting Mental Health Awareness Through Signage with Bowmer + Kirkland

In light of World Mental Health Day 2023, Astra Group is promoting mental health awareness through signage with our esteemed long-term client, Bowmer + Kirkland.

Highlighting Mental Health Awareness Through Signage with Bowmer + Kirkland


Astra Group has cultivated a long-standing partnership with Bowmer + Kirkland, a prominent construction company in the UK, where Astra serves as their primary signage supplier.

This has extended beyond the traditional supplier-client relationship to highlight a shared commitment to the well-being and mental health of construction workers. This case study delves into the collaborative efforts between Astra Group and Bowmer + Kirkland, aimed at promoting mental health awareness within the construction industry.


Bowmer + Kirkland’s Partnership with Lighthouse:

Bowmer + Kirkland’s support for  Lighthouse, a nonprofit charity dedicated to offering support to construction workers and their families, underscores their unwavering commitment to their workforce’s welfare. Bowmer + Kirkland goes above and beyond to ensure the well-being of their staff by giving their employees access to vital assistance. 

With in-house Mental Health First Aiders and offering on-site mental health stand-downs, in conjunction with Lighthouse,  to raise awareness of stigma and improve understanding of mental health within the construction industry. 


Streamlining Signage Production with a Webshop:

Astra Group’s commitment to enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness for Bowmer + Kirkland led to the development of a user-friendly webshop. This innovative platform has optimised the process of ordering and receiving safety signage, reducing the turnaround time from five days to just three days. Clients benefit from fixed pricing, while Astra leverages pre-prepared artwork, streamlining the order processing through an intuitive drag-and-drop system.


Signage Material:

These impactful signs featuring Lighthouse’s “Help Inside The Hard Hat” campaign, is crafted from environmentally friendly Correx board and are strategically placed on internal hoardings, positioned to face into the construction site. Correx board is an environmentally friendly material and highly resilient, which can withstand various weather conditions, making it ideal for outdoor signage. It is resistant to moisture, UV rays, and corrosion, ensuring that the signage remains intact and durable for an extended period.

Environmental Sustainability:

In alignment with Bowmer + Kirkland’s eco-conscious ethos, Astra employs Correx board and UV printing technology for the signage. Correx board is made from recyclable polypropylene, it can be recycled after use, reducing its environmental impact. This approach minimises the environmental impact, with UV printing using ink with fewer toxins and ensuring optimal ink utilisation, affirming a commitment to sustainability.


Promoting Privacy and Accessibility:

Recognising the sensitivity of mental health issues and the associated stigma, Astra Group has produced stickers featuring Lighthouse’s helpline to be placed discreetly inside toilet cubicles. This discreet placement offers individuals a private space to access critical information, acknowledging that many individuals may not want to openly discuss their problems or make a public phone call when facing mental health challenges. Astra Group’s recommendation has led to the implementation of placing Lighthouse’s helpline inside the toilet cubicles on site. 


Strategic Placement of Mental Health Signage:

With their employees’ well-being in focus, Bowmer + Kirkland strategically positions mental health signage in high-traffic areas, such as outdoor smoking zones and staff corridors. These placements aim to heighten awareness and educate employees about mental health topics. By creating discussions among colleagues, these posters encourage individuals to share their experiences and seek assistance



The partnership between Astra Group and Bowmer + Kirkland serves as a testament to the collective commitment to enhancing mental health awareness within the construction industry. 

Through streamlined signage production, environmentally conscious practices, and thoughtful placement strategies, this initiative cultivates a culture of support, openness, and well-being among construction workers. 

By addressing the mental health needs of its workforce and promoting accessibility to vital resources, Bowmer + Kirkland exemplifies its dedication to the well-being of their employees. Astra Group remains an essential partner in driving this crucial mission forward through the production of impactful signage that promotes mental health awareness.