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Julia and Axel Exhibition at The Lowry graphics

Enhancing the Julia and Axel Exhibition: Astra Group's Expert Signage Solutions

Providing The Lowry's Julia and Axel 30-year celebration exhibition with a variety of exhibition graphics.

Marking a 30-year milestone in the literary world, the creative partnership of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler is celebrated through an engaging exhibition at The Lowry for all the family to enjoy.

Continuing our relationship with The Lowry, Astra Group undertook the responsibility of printing, cutting, and installing an array of premium graphics, elevating the exhibition into an immersive experience tailored for diverse audiences. Our collaboration has materialised into a compelling narrative. Throughout The Lowry’s premises, we provided several graphic signage solutions for this exhibition, creating a dynamic experience for our clients. 


The storytelling wall graphic was digitally printed onto high-tack vinyl and mounted to the wall with a matte laminate. With Astra’s cutting-edge printing, no detail is missed. The full wall is utilised for the graphic, creating an immersive environment for visitors to connect to the stories, and enhancing the storytelling ambiance. 


In another area, is the Gruffalo window graphic. Executed through a process of digital printing on contravision window film, this installation occupies a strategic position on the interior side of the windows. The calculated placement is designed to unveil the full vibrancy of the graphic when illuminated by sunlight. This technique creates a magnetic visual display that commands attention and entices passersby to explore the exhibition.

Turning our focus to the reading area, our approach ensures not only aesthetic excellence but also functional integrity. To ensure the graphic for the reading area is secure, temporary wooden timbers are fixed onto the decorative frame, to which the digitally printed banner is added.  As this area is hidden away compared to the other spaces, utilising a banner with appropriate graphics allows for extra visibility, notifying visitors to use the space and creating an engaging area for kids to read a variety of Julia and Axel books. 


Further enriching the visitor experience is the “Zog Academy” booth by the bar. With the challenge of a curved booth, we devised a tailored solution. An aluminum tube, sculpted with precision, forms the structural backbone, held by an aluminum instruit fixed on the ceiling for stability. The utilisation of carabiners and a weighted dowel, placed within a pocket at the bottom of the banner, ensures extra security while easily contouring to the booth’s shape.


In conclusion, the collaboration between Astra Group and The Lowry for the Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler exhibition showcases the intersection of creativity and technical precision. The fusion of premium materials, cutting-edge printing techniques, and installation has resulted in an immersive experience that resonates with visitors of all ages. This exhibition stands as a testament to bridging the realms of literature and visual art, inviting attendees to explore, engage, and embrace the magic of storytelling in a captivating manner. Through our dedication to excellence for each project, Astra Group has not only contributed to the success of this exhibition but also set a new standard for the seamless integration of signage within a variety of exhibitions.

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Shop photo credit: Nathan Chandler