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Rebranding Success at Manchester Airport Arnold Clark Branch

From Concept to Installation: Astra Group's Remarkable Manchester Airport Arnold Clark Rebrand

Rebranding Success at Manchester Airport Arnold Clark Branch


Since the beginning of our partnership with Arnold Clark in 2014, Astra Group has played a pivotal role in its nationwide rebranding initiative. Arnold Clark’s extensive collaboration has seen Astra Group’s expertise contributing significantly to the transformation of various showrooms across the United Kingdom. In January 2022, this partnership reached new heights as Astra Group was entrusted with the rebranding of the Manchester Airport Arnold Clark signage building.


The Challenge:

Facing the task of revamping the Manchester Airport site signage, Astra Group was presented with the challenge of seamlessly integrating the new brand identity while maintaining the airport’s aesthetic and functional standards. Arnold Clark supplied detailed CAD drawings, necessitating a precise execution of the project while ensuring the new signage aligned perfectly with the building’s architecture.

Our Solution:

Astra Group approached the rebranding project with a comprehensive strategy. Leveraging our experience in concept development, surveys, manufacturing, and installation, Astra Group took on the responsibility of bringing the new signage to life.

One of the key highlights of the project was the creation of striking built-up LED illuminated rim and return letters. This component was meticulously crafted and mounted on fabricated aluminum, ensuring durability and a refined finish. To enhance the visibility and impact of the signage, an illuminated lightline was incorporated, spanning the entire distance of the fascia. This creative approach not only aligned with Arnold Clark’s rebranding objectives but also added a dynamic and captivating element to the signage.

Results and Impact:

Astra Group’s innovative and expertly executed rebranding solution at the Manchester Airport Arnold Clark signage building garnered impressive results. The revitalised signage now stands as a captivating testament to the evolution of the Arnold Clark brand. 

The strategic integration within the surrounding environment ensures maximum visibility, effectively engaging both passengers and visitors. By seamlessly blending the new brand identity with the building’s architecture, Astra Group’s solution successfully maintained the building’s visual identity.



The rebranding project at the Manchester Airport Arnold Clark site showcases Astra Group’s proficiency in concept design, manufacturing, and installation. 

By skillfully integrating innovative elements such as the illuminated rim, return lectern, and light line, Astra Group has not only contributed to the visual enhancement of the signage but also reinforced Arnold Clark’s brand presence at a prominent location like Manchester Airport. This project exemplifies the power of a successful partnership in achieving rebranding excellence.

Are you intrigued by our recent achievement in rebranding the Manchester Airport Arnold Clark signage building? This project is just a glimpse of our expertise and dedication. If you’re eager to delve deeper into our extensive portfolio of completed projects, we invite you to discover the remarkable transformations we’ve brought to life.

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