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Select Property Group – One Port Street Hoarding

Site hoardings shouldn't be boring! Catch the attention of your customers with Astra Group's bespoke hoardings.

In the heart of Manchester’s bustling Great Ancoats Street, a remarkable transformation is underway that’s capturing the attention of passersby and igniting excitement. Bespoke hoardings are a great marketing tool as it attracts potential customers to your business. Astra Group, a leading name in the signage industry, proudly partners with Select Property Group to bring their hoarding to life.

Astra Group has seamlessly woven together creativity and craftsmanship to deliver a truly exceptional signage experience. The task at hand: is to manufacture and install site hoarding that not only shields the construction site but also serves as a canvas to showcase the opulent high-rise apartment that’s in the making.

Crafted with precision, Astra has digitally printed on 3mm composite aluminum panels to form the hoarding, boasting both durability and detailed visuals. The added layer of anti-graffiti gloss laminate ensures that the stunning visuals remain untarnished even in a high-traffic environment. These panels, measuring 1780w x 1340h, stand as a testament to the scale of the project and Astra Group’s commitment to excellence.


In addition to the hoarding, Astra Group elevates the brand visibility further. A bespoke light feature is added as the centrepiece, meticulously designed, complementing the hoarding. The face-lit illuminated letters exude an aura of sophistication, mirroring the building’s logo with intricate beveled edges. This integration seamlessly aligns with the luxurious appeal of the upcoming apartment building.

A unique feature panel along Port St. catches the curious eye. A subtle yet captivating peephole, cleverly incorporated into one of the logo letters, offers a sneak peek into the construction site. It’s an invitation to witness the progress firsthand and creates a sense of connection with the development.

The collaboration between Astra Group and Select Property Group stands as a great example of how craftsmanship and innovation amplify the brand presence of One Port Street. 

This collaboration between Astra Group and Select Property shines brightly, illuminating the path for future projects that seek to make their mark in a dynamic and evolving urban landscape.