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Vinyl Graphics for BrainKind Neurological Centers


BrainKind, the leading UK charity focusing on aiding individuals to thrive after brain injuries, recently expanded its reach by acquiring four neurological care services from Sue Ryder. Among these, the BrainKind Neurological Centre in Lancashire serves as a specialised neurorehabilitation hub for individuals with acquired brain injuries and various neurological conditions.


Upon acquiring the new facilities, BrainKind aimed to create a consistent brand identity across all locations, which include: Preston, Stagenhoe, and The Chantry Ipswich, while fostering a welcoming environment for users. All locations required a variety of internal and external signage to be updated. 

To achieve this, they employed Astra Group, tasking them with the printing and installation of new signage. 

Astra Group’s Signage Solutions:

Astra Group successfully executed the signage project, providing BrainKind with a range of solutions:

  1. Wayfinding Signs: Direct printing on aluminium composite, securely fixed to fences, replaced existing signs to guide individuals effectively within the centers.
  2. Digitally Printed Vinyl: A variety of signs were revamped using MD5UB vinyl, layered onto existing structures, contributing to a cohesive and visually appealing brand presentation. 


In the course of this project, Astra Group faced the task of replacing numerous signs with BrainKind’s distinctive branding. Despite operating within a constrained time frame, the adept team at Astra Group demonstrated exceptional efficiency in the production of vinyl graphics. Not only did Astra Group meet the demanding schedule, but the team’s prompt and skillful execution surpassed the expectations of the BrainKind team, further contributing to the overall success of the project.


The transformation brought by the new signage was met with enthusiasm from both staff and tenants. The revamped centers not only achieved a consistent brand identity but also improved the overall atmosphere, creating a positive and welcoming space for those utilising the facilities.

This case study underscores the successful partnership between BrainKind and Astra Group, emphasising the pivotal role of thoughtful signage in improving the overall experience for individuals navigating neurological care services. The collaborative effort resulted in not just a consistent brand presence but also a tangible enhancement of the user experience within the revitalised centers.