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Castlefield Estates – Eastgate Illuminated External Signage

Astra Group has just elevated Castlefield Estates’ Eastgate building with a captivating signage transformation that is set to make a bold statement, manufactured in-house and professionally installed. Astra Group showcases meticulous craftsmanship and modern design, leaving a lasting impression on all who pass by.

Crafted with precision, the signage features built-up aluminium letters with 50mm returns, providing a solid and enduring presence. The letters’ sleek and contemporary aesthetic is achieved through a sophisticated black steel effect paint, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall design and extra visibility contrasting with the white walls.

What truly sets these signs apart is the internal illumination, powered by Sloan VL4 modules. The result is a visually stunning display that not only enhances visibility but also creates a dynamic and eye-catching effect, especially in the evening hours.

20mm opal LED acrylic has been strategically incorporated, contributing to a soft and uniform glow that radiates from the signage. The letters are seamlessly flush to the wall, emphasizing a clean and modern finish that complements Castlefield Estates’ commitment to quality and excellence.

The Eastgate building stands as a testament to the successful collaboration between Castlefield Estates and the innovative signage team. As pedestrians and visitors catch a glimpse of this striking display, it’s sure to turn heads and spark admiration for the meticulous attention to detail.

For those intrigued by this project and eager to explore more, the complete portfolio of the signage company awaits on their website. Discover a world of design possibilities and be inspired by the transformative impact of meticulous craftsmanship. Castlefield Estates’ Eastgate building has truly undergone a visual metamorphosis, setting a new standard for external signage that seamlessly blends sophistication with modern flair. 

Eliza Crookes, Operations Manager at Castlefield Estates, expresses to Astra Group that the signage has garnered significant attention and received compliments from all. This underscores the impactful transformation signage can bring to your business.

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