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Illuminated Projecting Sign – PBH Shopfitters

At Astra Group, we take pride in delivering exceptional client results. We are thrilled to announce the completion of our latest project – a bespoke projecting sign for our client, PBH Shopfitters.

Our team of experts meticulously crafted this sign bringing our client’s vision to life. The process began with powder coating the sign in a beautiful shade of gold, which not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures the sign’s durability against harsh weather conditions.

Our team then used a router to cut out the stencil detail of the logo on both sides of the sign. This is then illuminated with warm white sloan modules complimenting the brand’s overall aesthetic.

Projecting signs can increase brand visibility and recognition, enabling businesses to build a stronger and more memorable image in the minds of potential consumers.
Additionally, businesses can enhance their chances of standing out, improving foot traffic, and ultimately, boosting revenue.