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Ricoh UK Office Renovation

Read how we transform Ricoh's office space into a motivational environment for employees and visitors, reinforcing the company's commitment to excellence and innovation.

Creating vibrant workspaces for Ricoh UK.

The team at Astra worked closely with Ricoh to understand their vision and requirements for their office renovation. This included TenDesign, creating the concept for Ricoh’s office rebrand which Astra proceeded to survey the site with precision and ensure all the measurements were correct. Then the design team at Astra created the specifications required for manufacturing. All products that are a part of the Ricoh office rebrand was then manufactured and installed by Astra.   

This included a halo-lit sign of the company name on a wood feature wall, printed wall graphics featuring Ricoh’s brand values, and vinyl on the doors to identify the correct meeting room, which was named after influential scientists.

The wood-feature wall with the halo-lit sign of the company name was the centerpiece of the renovation. It provided a warm and welcoming atmosphere for visitors. This halo-lit sign creates a visually appealing and memorable branding element. The illuminated letters catch attention, making the company’s name stand out and reinforcing brand recognition among employees, clients, and visitors.

A meeting room shouldn’t be just 4 white walls, we have manufactured and installed wall graphics featuring Ricoh’s brand values. With the use of bold colours and striking images, it creates an environment that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly memorable. Incorporating the brand values into the design can serve as a daily reminder for employees of the company’s mission and goals. Additionally, wall graphics can be a relatively affordable option that still delivers a big impact on your brand.

We have added vinyl on the doors to identify the correct meeting room not only adding a functional element to the space but also providing an opportunity to showcase the company’s appreciation for science and innovation. The vinyl also shows the amenities featured in each meeting room in the form of identifiable icons. This improves the overall functionality of the space and creates a more seamless experience for those using the rooms.

In addition, the use of vinyl on the doors is also a creative way to add a touch of branding to the space. Incorporating the company’s logo or other design elements into the vinyl can help to reinforce the brand identity and create a more cohesive look throughout the space.

Astra’s ability to understand Ricoh’s vision and requirements, combined with its expertise in creating high-quality products, resulted in an office renovation that not only matched the brand’s current branding but also exceeded expectations. 

The renovation has helped to create a positive and motivational environment for employees and visitors, while also reinforcing the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation. The collaboration between Ricoh, TenDesign, and Astra is an excellent example of how a strong partnership can lead to exceptional results.