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White Circle – Bespoke Exhibition Stand

Successful collaboration between White Circle and Astra Group delivers exceptional exhibition stand.

Crafting Unforgettable Experiences: Astra Group's Bespoke Exhibition Stands


White Circle, a renowned design studio based in Manchester, collaborated with Astra Group, to create a remarkable exhibition stand for one of their clients to exhibit at UKREIIF 2023. Despite facing a few last-minute changes, Astra Group’s expertise and collaborative approach ensured the successful delivery of a fantastic end product.


Project Overview:

When White Circle approached Astra Group with their concept for an exhibition stand, Astra Group’s expertise in manufacturing high-quality signage solutions proved to be the perfect match. By utilising a modular system specially designed for exhibitions, Astra Group offered flexibility and ease of installation, disassembly, and reassembly.


Key Features of the Exhibition Stand:

Astra Group’s design incorporated their own extrusion lightboxes on the exhibition stand’s front, creating a captivating visual impact that drew visitors in. The stand also featured numerous face-lit built-up signage, showcasing the end client’s logo with precision. Every detail was crafted, ensuring the exhibition stand effectively conveyed the end client’s brand identity.


Collaborative Approach:

Throughout the project, Astra Group and White Circle maintained a collaborative approach, working closely together to address any emerging complexities and last-minute changes. Their teamwork and dedication to customer satisfaction were evident at every stage, resulting in a seamless and successful execution.


Astra Group’s manufacturing expertise was evident as they efficiently produced the components of the exhibition stand, showcasing their exceptional manufacturing skills. From the installation to the disassembly and subsequent return from the exhibition in Leeds, Astra Group’s commitment to providing end-to-end solutions and exceptional service was evident.


Client Testimonial:

“We worked with Astra on the design of an exhibition stand for our client. Despite a complex brief and last-minute changes, the end product was fantastic, and we were impressed by the collaborative approach of Stephen and the team. We look forward to future collaborations with Astra.” – Roxy Hitchen, Associate Director, Creative Strategy at White Circle. 



The collaboration between Astra Group and White Circle resulted in creating an exceptional exhibition stand that exceeded all expectations. Astra Group’s expertise in signage manufacturing, the use of the modular system for exhibition stands, and their dedication to collaboration ensured a seamless process and an outstanding end product. White Circle’s testimonial, highlighting Astra Group’s collaborative approach and expressing their desire for continued collaboration, is a testament to the exceptional outcome and the strong bond established between the two companies. Astra Group’s dedication to excellence positions them as a trusted and reliable partner for future projects.


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