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Elle R Leisure Ltd – Digital Screen

Enhancing Elle R Leisure's communications by creating a dynamic office space with digital screens.

Unlocking the Power of Digital Signage: How Elle R Leisure Ltd. Transformed Their Office Space.

ELLE R LEISURE LTD, an independent Restaurant, Bar, and Hotel group, approached us with a requirement to enhance their digital presence within their office space in Manchester. They sought a solution to effectively communicate internal news, events, and other important information to their employees and visitors.

Over the course of our 5+ year relationship with Elle R Leisure, we have had the privilege of collaborating on multiple successful projects prior to the installation of the LED digital screen. We have been entrusted with manufacturing and installing various forms of signage for our client, including notable developments such as ‘The Woodland Hotel’ and premier restaurant venues like Dukes 92 and Alberts Shed. 

Astra Group were tasked to provide a visually appealing and engaging digital signage screen that would meet their communication needs.

To fulfill the client’s requirements, we installed a 72″ LED digital screen. This screen was strategically positioned in a prominent area within their office space, ensuring maximum visibility and impact. By positioning the screen vertically, there was no need to compromise the available wall space without creating a cluttered appearance.

By adopting a digital signage solution, they aimed to create a dynamic and engaging environment that would keep their employees informed and visitors impressed.

Implementing the LED digital screen has shown to be highly successful for our client. The benefits of using a digital screen in your business show how:

  1. Enhanced Communication: The digital screen has significantly improved internal communication by effectively displaying news, updates, and event announcements. This has helped employees stay informed and connected to the company’s activities.
  2. Engaging Visuals: The dynamic nature of the digital signage system has made information more visually appealing, capturing the attention of both employees and visitors. The use of vibrant colors, eye-catching graphics, and smooth transitions has created an engaging experience.
  3. Time and Cost Efficiency: The LED digital screen allows for easy and quick updates, eliminating the need for printing and distributing physical materials. Reducing administrative efforts at Castlefield Estate.


In conclusion, the successful installation of the LED digital screen has not only strengthened our long-standing relationship with ELLE R LEISURE LTD, allowing us to offer a wider range of products and signage solutions. By meeting the given brief and delivering a powerful digital signage solution, we have effectively elevated the internal communication and digital presence within their office space.

We are proud to have played a key role in helping them enhance their brand image, engage their employees and visitors, and showcase their commitment to innovation. With this successful collaboration, we look forward to continuing our partnership and exploring further possibilities to meet their evolving signage needs.

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