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Manchester Central – Conservative Party Conference 2023

Experience the Power of Exhibition Graphics

As the Conservative Party Conference 2023 kicks off at Manchester Central this week, Astra takes pride in leading the way by offering top-notch exhibition graphics that elevate the conference experience.

Serving as the primary signage provider for Manchester Central, our dedication to excellence shines through in our exhibition graphics. We have demonstrated our commitment to delivering high-quality signage products through the implementation of the following solutions.


Signage Solutions: Transforming Spaces, Creating Impressions

  • MetaWalk for the 10m Floor Graphic: The MetaWalk solution has been chosen to adorn the conference floor with a stunning 10-meter floor graphic.
  • MetaWalk is renowned for its durability and vibrant print quality, ensuring that the conference attendees are welcomed by an impressive visual centerpiece.
  • Metadot for the Window Graphics: MetaDot is the go-to solution for Window Graphics. Its dot pattern adhesive system ensures a quick and hassle-free application process, free from bubbles. This feature allows for effortless installation, repositioning, and removal of graphics on-site. MetaDot’s exceptional ability to adhere seamlessly to diverse surfaces and its superior print clarity make it the perfect choice for window graphics at Manchester Central.
  • Drytac Polar Street FX for the External Floor Graphic: Ensuring that the conference’s branding extends beyond the venue’s walls, Astra has employed Drytac Polar Street FX for the external floor graphic. This weather-resistant and anti-slip solution is designed to withstand the elements while maintaining its visual appeal. It not only ensures safe passage for attendees but also showcases the conference’s branding even to those outside the venue.
  • ContraVision Campaign: To maximise the visibility of the conference’s messages while maintaining an unobstructed view from within, Astra has used ContraVision Campaign on the Lloyds Bank window graphics. This innovative solution enables one-way visibility, allowing natural light to flood in while presenting a bold and impactful message to those on the outside.


Astra’s Commitment to Excellence

From printing to precise cutting and installation, Astra has meticulously executed each step to meet and exceed the Conservative Party Conference exhibition graphics needs. Astra’s use of versatile materials and expertise caters to diverse requirements. Astra is dedicated to providing high-quality exhibition graphics that leave a lasting impact. We eagerly anticipate continuing our partnership for future events and projects with Manchester Central. 

Explore our exhibition graphics solutions and make your conference experience truly remarkable!