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Austringer – Romford Road, London D48 Digital Screen Build

In the dynamic landscape of digital billboard innovation, Astra Group emerges as a trailblazer. Join us on a thrilling expedition through our triumphs, where every installation is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Astra Group's D48 Screens Shine In London's High-Traffic Zones


Astra Group, a frontrunner in the signage and digital billboard manufacturing industry, triumphantly completed yet another project. This endeavor showcased the seamless installation and commissioning of two D48 digital screens, strategically positioned on a monopole structure at the prominent Enterprise Rent a Car on Romford Road, London. 

In a brilliant fusion of design and impact, our expansive D48 digital screens, boasting impressive dimensions of 6 meters in width and 3 meters in height, have taken center stage in high-traffic zones. Elevating the advertising game for Mass Media, this case study delves into the meticulous installation process and unveils the distinctive features that make the D48 digital screens an unrivaled marvel. 

The strategic placement of the D48 screens offers the client a distinct advantage in maximising visibility and audience engagement. Positioned in a high-traffic area, the screens capture the attention of a diverse audience, ensuring heightened exposure for advertising content. This prime location enhances brand visibility and creates a powerful impact, ultimately driving increased awareness and footfall for Enterprise Rent a Car. The thoughtful placement serves as a dynamic marketing tool, fostering a strong connection between the brand and its target audience.

Screen Structure:

These front-serviceable screens offer high-quality displays, with exceptional image quality due to their high brightness, high refresh rate, and high contrast capabilities, ensuring reliable performance in challenging environments. Rated at IP65, they are designed to withstand varied weather conditions, making them a versatile and reliable choice for outdoor signage.

This case study provides an in-depth overview of the construction process for our client, Austringer. It begins with the initiation of the first head frame and outlines the critical stages, including preparation, foundation work, and screen assembly. 

The study also highlights the meticulous details involved in the construction and finishing phases, culminating in the successful operation of the screens.

Initiation Phase:

The screen build process commenced with the start of the first head frame construction. Fixings, factory brackets, and all necessary steel for the head frame arrived, setting the stage for the project.

Preparation Phase:

The first head frame underwent preparation, including priming it in grey and applying a black paint coat, making it ready for the subsequent screen build. The front face of the head frame was also painted black for a polished appearance. 

The first head frame was positioned on grey legs, and the construction area was secured with Chapter 8 barriers to ensure safety and provide a walkway for access to the factory.

Head Frame and Cab Assembly:

In parallel, the second head frame fabrication began, expanding the scope of the project. 

The first head frame progressed with the installation of the first row of cabs, which required careful alignment and leveling. The goal was to complete screen one by the end of the day. The bottom row of cabs was then added and ensured they were level and aligned.

Foundation and Excavation:

The project’s foundation work started with the setting out of the foundation on-site. Excavation followed with the required excavation depth was reached, and preparations were made for clearing and removing the spoil.

Reinforcement and Ducting:

Reinforcement for the foundation was prepared with the building up of rebar and ties ahead of the concrete pour. Ducting and rebar components were also installed to ensure structural integrity.

Installation and Screen Progress:

Returning to the screen build, all cabs for screen one were successfully installed. Simultaneously, the second screen began to take shape with the placement of the bottom row of cabs. The second screen’s progress continued with the installation of all cabs.

Cladding and Site Setup:

The cladding installation phase began with a test fitting to ensure proper alignment. Once confirmed, all cladding pieces were installed, creating a seamless exterior. Additionally, the site was set up, and screens were offloaded. The column was erected, and upper and lower steel elements were fixed in place.

Concrete Pour and Finishing:

To complete the foundation, the ground and columns were prepared for a concrete pour up to the finished floor level. The concrete pour was successfully executed, and the concrete was left to settle. A trowel finish was applied to the concrete surface for a polished appearance.

Electrical and Logo Installation:

Work on the electrical components progressed, along with the installation of cladding and logo boxes, enhancing the screen’s functionality and aesthetics.

Final Touches and Testing:

The project concluded with a final site clean-down. The screens were now operational, displaying content effectively. The site was fully prepared, with yellow barriers installed, and car park bays were painted, prior to the commissioning phase.

Transforming Spaces and Captivating Audiences through D48 Digital Screens

The successful installation and commissioning of the D48 digital screens on Romford Road, London stands as a testament to Astra Group’s expertise in delivering cutting-edge digital signage solutions, further extending our body of work and standing as leaders of the digital screen landscape. These high-quality, front-serviceable screens, with their innovative design and weather-resistant capabilities, serve as powerful advertising assets in areas of high traffic, facilitating content advertising objectives. 

Astra Group takes pride in delivering not just a project but a transformative digital signage solution that propels our clients toward sustained success in the ever-evolving landscape of digital signage. With heightened visibility in a bustling location, the screens serve as a beacon for effective advertising, fostering engagement with the content. 

Dive into our portfolio of innovative projects and witness firsthand how Astra Group transforms spaces into dynamic canvases for impactful communication. Elevate your brand presence – click now to discover more about our cutting-edge digital screen projects and envision the possibilities that await your business. 

Stills taken from video provided by Mass Media