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Skechers – La Defense, Paris

Elevating the Skechers Experience: New Signage at La Defense Store

Skechers, a global retailer of modern and comfortable footwear, is making waves in Europe with the grand opening of their latest store at Westfield Les 4 Temps in La Defense, Paris.

Westfield Les 4 Temps, situated in the heart of La Defense, is the main shopping center in this vibrant business district. With its towering skyscrapers and bustling activity, La Defense is the perfect place for Skechers to establish their presence. 

As they continue to expand their presence in Europe, it was Astra Group’s responsibility to provide signage solutions, ensuring that their brand shines brightly in this bustling business district. 


Signage Solutions

Main Fascia Sign

The main fascia sign is a true testament to craftsmanship. Featuring 25mm block acrylic letters, the sign is face-illuminated and skillfully crafted with block-out returns. This attention to detail ensures that the Skechers brand is impossible to miss, even from a distance. The main fascia sign, proudly adorning the front of the store, is a testament to our skillful team’s craftsmanship. 

Crafted from 25mm block acrylic letters, it is brilliantly illuminated from the front. This level of attention to detail ensures that the Skechers brand commands attention, even from a distance.

Cash Desk Lightbox

Inside the store, Astra Group’s expertise shines through with a bespoke cash desk lightbox. This impressive feature is composed of a backlit tension fabric frame with a push-through logo and spacers for reinforcement. The structure of the lightbox is made from an aluminum extrusion frame and backplate and is expertly screw-fixed to ensure stability.

The Skechers logo, a 5mm opal polycarbonate push-through design, is illuminated with 6500K cool white Sloan VL4 mini LED modules. The result is a visually stunning and attention-grabbing feature that highlights the brand’s identity.

Tension Fabric Details

The tension fabric print detail is another aspect that sets this lightbox apart. Printed onto Pongs’ Printex Artist Mambo fabric, it features sewn rubber Kedar for added durability. Eyelets are strategically placed to align with the spacers, reinforcing the fabric and ensuring a long-lasting, premium appearance.

Graphic Wall Vinyl

Astra Group also provided a striking wall graphic. This wall showcases a list of Skecher’s main locations and is created through digital print onto vinyl with a matte laminate finish.


In summary, the newly installed signage at Skechers La Defense is a testament to the precision and artistry of Astra Group. It goes beyond branding, enhancing the overall shopping experience, and making the store a standout destination in Westfield Les 4 Temps. These signs and graphics are a testament to the dedication to quality from Skechers and Astra Group, setting a new standard for excellence.

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