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Boost Juice Bars – Trafford Centre Digital Screen Menu Display

As part of our commitment to enhancing the customer experience, we have successfully completed the installation of three cutting-edge 50-inch display screens at the Trafford Centre for Boost Juice Bars, replacing the traditional menus. To ensure a seamless fit and a professional finish, we opted for a universal menu board mounting system, securely fixed into the walls with our specially designed trays and screens. 

Our dedicated team employed state-of-the-art technology to craft the trays with utmost precision. Utilising a CNC router, we cut sturdy 3mm aluminium sheets, which were then meticulously welded together to create robust folded trays. 

These trays not only offer durability and structure but also provide a sleek and modern look that complements Boost’s dynamic branding identity. To ensure the screens blend seamlessly, they have been expertly painted in Boost’s signature green color, creating a cohesive and eye-catching display.

Attention to detail is our priority, and that’s why we added 3mm aluminium joining strips to the trays. These joining strips are welded with the utmost care, enabling seamless fixing into the middle tray. The result? A flawless display that delivers Boost’s message with style and precision.

We believe that these 50-inch display screens will significantly elevate the customer experience at the Trafford Centre. With vibrant visuals and dynamic content, customers can now easily explore Boost’s enticing offerings and promotions. It’s all about making sure Boost’s valued customers have the best experience possible.