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UK Coffee Week: Astra Group’s Signage Contributions to Manchester’s Cafes

UK Coffee Week

As coffee enthusiasts across the UK celebrate UK Coffee Week, Astra Group is proud to highlight three local cafes where they have had the pleasure of providing high-quality signage solutions. These independent cafes not only serve exceptional coffee but also boast stunning signage that adds to their appeal. 

These cafes—Foundation Coffee House, Foley’s, and Off The Press—have not only raised the bar with their exceptional coffee but have also etched their names in the city’s coffee scene through their innovative and visually striking signage, meticulously crafted by Astra Group.


Foundation Coffee House

Designed, owned, and operated by NC Studio, Foundation Coffee House is a beloved coffee destination with four locations across Manchester.

From their first Northern Quarter location in 2015 to their latest addition at Meadowside in September 2023, Foundation Coffee House has continually impressed with its commitment to excellent coffee and stylish design. 

Astra Group played a pivotal role in enhancing the Meadowside location’s aesthetic appeal by crafting a variety of signage solutions that align with Foundation Coffee House’s unique branding. 

Our team expertly produced a double-sided aluminium projecting sign affixed to base plates, adorned with vinyl graphics, allowing for passersby to take notice of the cafe’s location. We also cut and applied window vinyl to the glass, ensuring extra brand visibility. 

An eye-catching illuminated hexagon has also been created, featuring two layers of 10mm opal acrylic. The rear layer is grooved to add space for the LED ribbon to be placed, this is suspended from the ceiling with steel cables. To complete the signage package, we used CNC cutting technology to create toilet signs from Valchromat, a moisture-resistant wood fiber panel with a consistent color throughout, making it a perfect choice for bathroom signage.



Foley’s is a coffee haven nestled in Manchester’s Spinningfields at Hardman Boulevard and at the St John’s district on Quay St. Serving up specialty coffee, craft sodas, wines, sandwiches, and delectable baked goods, Foley’s is a charming and vibrant spot for coffee enthusiasts. 

Astra Group’s contribution to this artistic coffeehouse includes window vinyl featuring Foley’s distinctive logo, a wall graphic wrapped around the central pillar, serving as the menu, and a bespoke illuminated double-sided totem sign. This totem sign is composed of folded 3mm aluminum composite trays, wrapped with Foley’s branding. A 5mm opal LED acrylic element placed within the tray illuminates the totem sign, ensuring that Foley’s always stands out on the bustling street of Quay St. 


Off The Press

Off The Press, designed by OBI Property, situated on the ground floor of the newly refurbished One Express building on George Leigh Street, is an Ancoats cafe treasure. Astra Group crafted an acrylic lightbox with a vinyl graphic of the cafe’s logo placed on the lightbox. This is then suspended from the ceiling and placed by the entrance, ensuring that patrons are drawn in by the warm and welcoming ambiance. 

Off The Press doesn’t stop at coffee; it also offers a delightful in-house bakery, serving a selection of healthy and delicious food alongside its specialty coffee.

As we celebrate UK Coffee Week, we’re reminded of the incredible coffee culture that thrives in Manchester. Astra Group is honored to support these local cafes by providing top-notch signage solutions that help create memorable, inviting spaces for all coffee lovers. Just as these cafes pour their passion into every cup, we put the same level of dedication into our signage, ensuring that every visitor enjoys a truly exceptional experience.


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