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ADXBA – Digital Signage Maintenance – Global Blackwall Tunnel

 Whilst LED digital signage is becoming increasingly popular among companies in a wide range of industries, everyday usage of LED screens are exposed to a lot of wear and tear; that can range from a simple bump to constant exposure to the elements.

ADXBA were assigned to perform a health and safety remedial as part of our ongoing relationship with Global to ensure that the digital screen and its environment meet health and safety standards. This took a total of three days to complete following the correct procedures.


Day one of the remedial consisted of having to survey the damage caused by a fire around the unit and forced entry as cladding by the entrance has been forcibly removed. Carrying out a thorough survey, the fire was caused by an electric vacuum cleaner left at the premise, which was removed safely from the site. 


A deep clean of the unit was carried out to remove all waste and debris, regular and consistent maintenance of DOOH signage units is essential to avoid damage and future accidents. Additionally, A grab handle was installed on the exterior of the unit entrance to ensure stability when the team is on-site to avoid any accidental trips when crossing over the wall. 

Continuing onto day two, chequer plate hatches were installed at all levels, this is to prevent future entry whilst also functioning to protect the wiring inside the unit from being exposed to the natural elements. 


At Astra, the small details matter the most when it comes to health and safety. When the team discovered a gap in the underside of the left-hand side of the structure, this was found as possible means of access which was then covered with an aluminium composite material (ACM). This material works excellently for outdoor usage as it is durable, weather resistant, and lightweight. 


The right hand side was also restored and secured after the burn damage. With further investigation, the righthand side was exposed, resulting in additional cause of the fire. Some panels were salvaged and reused to secure the righthand side which helped cut down on completion time. 

The underside was filled in with spare chequer plating used for the hatch coverings and trims to secure the panels. Once completed, ACM was then overlaid to provide extra security and a new glossy finish to the unit.


On day 3 of the remedial, extra precautions were taken when it came using the cherry picker truck which included safely positioning the picker, and working at height safely, taking extra care and attention to adverse weather conditions. Grit salt was also used to position the picker. 

Due to an overgrown tree overhanging to the rear, has collided with the structure of the unit causing damage. To eliminate further damage and reduce rubbing, the team have cut back the branches, which has been cleaned up and repaired with some new trim along the cladding.

Finally, new cladding panels have been installed on the roof of the unit to replace the missing panels. By performing regular maintenance, you can save money in the long run and help prevent issues before they become serious. 



One of your most important marketing tools is your digital signage, our skilled engineers and technicians make use of tools that are leading the industry when it comes to maintenance.

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