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We’re delighted to share that our entry to the Wayfinding Scheme category has been shortlisted, and we’re a finalist at The Sign Awards 2023!

As part of our wayfinding scheme for Wellington Place, we have collaborated with wayfinding experts, Placemarque, to use the latest design and manufacturing techniques for our sculptural signage, showcasing what Astra Group has to offer in terms of talent and what we can accomplish as a company.

The brief was to take the Placemarque concept designs and develop, manufacture and install the suite of architectural wayfinding signs to help visitors navigate Wellington Place that seamlessly blend with the environment.

The work at the impressive destination was delivered in partnership with wayfinding experts Placemarque with Astra Signs securing the contract on its innovative approach to design and extensive wayfinding expertise.

Amongst the range of products produced by Astra Signs is a number of digital gateway monoliths that inform visitors what is on offer whilst helping them navigate the destination. 

Astra Signs is one of the UK’s most respected manufacturers of signage and wayfinding products, producing and installing world-class signs for a range of sectors including sport, retail, leisure, architecture & design, government associations, and international events.

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