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5 Signage Considerations

High quality signage can be one of the most effective forms of advertising, and at Astra Signs, we’re committed to delivering the perfect solution to suit your needs, and that means helping you get the most out of your investment.

Although signage has an infinite number of applications, it’s most likely you’ll be using some form of corporate signage to illustrate your brand identity, whether on the outside of your office building or shop, in your reception area, or on the streets around your location.

It may seem like a simple task, but we’ve collated our top five considerations for creating the most effective corporate signage solution.


What are you trying to say?

What is the purpose of your sign? Does it have a key message? Corporate signage outside a shop might illustrate the brand, differentiating your store from its nearby competitors, while signage within your reception area might be used to reinforce your brand identity to visitors.

It’s important to consider this message to ensure it is communicated clearly and consistently.


Choosing the right colours

Your existing brand identity is likely to dictate the colours you use for your signage, but it’s also important to consider the legibility of the colours, not to mention the psychological effect they have on people.

Yellow makes people feel happy, blue inspires business confidence, orange expresses joy and optimisim while pink is associated with femininity and love, think about what you want your customers to feel.

Your corporate signage should have a high contrast, either a light background with dark graphics or vice versa, while contrasting colours such as purple and yellow can also have a huge impact and remain legible.


Design and graphics

Once you have considered what you want your signage to say, and appropriate colours that are clear, yet represent your brand identity, it’s time to consider the design of the final product.

Simple graphics and logos with minimal text are the most effective for use on corporate signage, and it’s at this stage you’ll need the input from an expert designer who will help you communicate your key messages in the most effective and engaging way.



Where will your sign be situated? Whether it will be at the top of a tower block or at eye level within your reception area will dictate the size of the lettering. Typically, you need one inch of lettering for every 10 feet of viewing distance, but we can help you work this out.

Just make sure you’ve considered the position of the signage and we’ll help you do the rest.



And it’s not only the content of your signage that’s important, we can help you identify the best material and location to ensure your bespoke signage solution stands the test of time.

It’s important to consider each of these elements when investing in new corporate signage; not only are you representing your own company and brand identity, as well as standing out against your competitors, your signage needs to be functional and long-lasting to ensure it remains effective.

At Astra Signs, we can fabricate a solution to suit any project and our highly experienced staff can help you at every stage to ensure you are equipped with the most effective solution from survey and design to production, installation and maintenance.