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The Importance of an Accurate Survey

A survey is the very foundation of your signage project, getting this stage right is the key to an efficient project that runs on time, to plan and on budget.

You’ll no doubt be aware that the planning stages of any project are absolutely vital when it comes to getting the next stages right, and the signage project for your business is no different.

We’ve pooled our expertise to show you why an accurate survey will not only ensure your measurements are correct, but also see your signage ends up in the right position and is made from the best material for the job, and much, much more.

What does a survey involve?

At Astra Signs we can manage the entire survey process for you. Our expert surveyors will visit your premises, whether one location or a network of branches throughout the UK to take photographs and find out exactly what it is you want to achieve.

We will produce a series of technical sign drawings as part of a comprehensive planning package, which also outlines sizes, positioning, material and any other important information relevant to the project.

This all-inclusive approach means you can rest assured that our expert teams are collaborating to ensure your project runs on time, to plan and on budget.

What’s more, we will also give consideration to installation, finishing and ongoing maintenance as part of this comprehensive planning process.

A vital part of the process

Our team has extensive experience, so you can be sure we’ll spot things that you might otherwise miss.

A classic example might be on a site hoarding project where our team are required to survey the relief of the land, considering the dips, hills or uneven areas to ensure the finished product is not only designed to suit, but that any additional fixtures, fittings or braces are ordered in plenty of time for an efficient installation.

Another example would be in the consideration of wind loads. We often install high-quality light boxes and other lettering on high-rise buildings, which requires specialist knowledge and expertise about the best use of mateirals, and the wind loads they can withstand. From visiting the site, we can tell you whether a brightly coloured light box will be visible from the ground, or whether you need to consider mesh fabric to accommodate the elements at height.

Our team will also review any access requirements or security issues, booking a cherry picker for working at height, or working with you to ensure our installation teams can access the site when they need to.

What’s more, we do everything we can to take control of the project from helping you achieve planning approval, producing method statements and managing any risk assessments required for the installation and use.

During the survey process our team also promise to

– Give you the peace of mind that we’ve done everything we can to help you achieve your objectives
– Give you the guidance and support to make the right decisions when it comes to signage
– Ensure your signage is fit for purpose and situated in the best position
– Spot any additional opportunities for making your business stand out
– Take accurate measurements, and the liability for getting them right
– Make sure the best materials are used and your signage is finished to an exceptional standard
– Identify any access equipment needed for the job (for example, making a cherry picker available for working at height)
– Give you an accurate cost on the project, after helping you set the specification

Call us to arrange your survey today and get your next signage project off to a flying start.