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IWANTPLANTS Hyvert Living Wall Signage

We are thrilled to announce the completion of an extraordinary signage project for our esteemed client, IWANTPLANTS, who specialise in bespoke living green walls.  

Astra Group took on the challenge of manufacturing and installing high-level signage to complement their latest living green wall masterpiece at the side of Manchester Metropolitan University’s All Saints campus, facing the bustling Mancunian Way.

The signage features intricately designed CNC-cut and folded aluminium trays, powder-coated in IWANTPLANTS’ vibrant corporate colours. The panels are adorned with precisely applied plot-cut, self-colored vinyl lettering in IWANTPLANTS’ eye-catching fluorescent pink.

One of the standout features of this signage is the innovative installation technique – the aluminium trays are securely fitted to the “Hyvert” frame using aluminum angles, ensuring a seamless and robust display. The raised feature panel which is halo-lit, with its clear acrylic rods, creates a visual effect that draws attention to the signage day and night.

You’ll be able to see our signage featured in Manchester Finest’s article on IWANTPLANTS’ project.

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