UK Coffee Week: Astra Group’s Signage Contributions to Manchester’s Cafes

UK Coffee Week As coffee enthusiasts across the UK celebrate UK Coffee Week, Astra Group is proud to highlight three local cafes where they have had the pleasure of providing high-quality signage solutions. These independent cafes not only serve exceptional coffee but also boast stunning signage that adds to their appeal.  These cafes—Foundation Coffee House, Foley’s, […]

5 Principles For Successful Wayfinding

WHAT ARE THE 5 PRINCIPLES OF WAYFINDING? Finding your way around a new environment can be a challenge, especially if you’re in an unfamiliar place.  Whether you’re in a new city or a large building, having a solid understanding of wayfinding principles can help customers and visitors navigate with ease. Successful wayfinding is all about creating […]

ADXBA, Part Of Astra Group – Global – M4 Beacon

Global Health & Safety Remedial Continuing our relationship with Global, a multinational company with a significant presence in the digital signage industry. Due to the critical role that these screens play in communicating important information and advertising, Global has tasked us to perform a health and safety remedial on a high rise Portrait screen on […]

ADXBA – Digital Signage Maintenance – Global Blackwall Tunnel

 Whilst LED digital signage is becoming increasingly popular among companies in a wide range of industries, everyday usage of LED screens are exposed to a lot of wear and tear; that can range from a simple bump to constant exposure to the elements. ADXBA were assigned to perform a health and safety remedial as part […]


  Digital retail signage is more integral than ever to the retail journey, and for customers, visually engaging in-store signage can be what separates a good shopping experience from a great one. Video walls are a powerful and engaging way of utilising big displays with maximum impact. But what do you need to consider before […]

Manchester Central – BSAVA Congress 2022 #BSAVA22

Manchester Central is one of the UK’s leading events venues, and it continues to lead the recovery of the live events sector in the North West. Following the lifting of Plan B restrictions of the COVID pandemic, we are glad to see events are coming back to Manchester Central in full force. CEO of the […]

Pop Up Shops: The Future of The High Street

It is often reported that retail in UK town centre areas is on the decline. Compounded by the COVID pandemic, The Guardian reported in April that our high streets have lost a daily average of 48 shops, restaurants, and other leisure venues. Leaving numerous landlords and agents with a vast amount of vacant units.   […]

Digital Signage Redefining Display Advertising

Digital signage is becoming increasingly popular within businesses, both for appealing to passing customers and presenting a clear, attractive company image within corporate premises.   Astra Signs was recently asked to supply and install digital screens for Paul Rooney Solicitors, to be publicly displayed at their new customer advice centre in Liverpool city centre – […]

Making Wayfinding Simple

A comprehensive wayfinding solution is vital when it comes to directing customers and visitors around your building or premises – but how can you make this often complex signage solution simple? It’s not just for airports and hospitals – shopping centres, business parks, residential apartment blocks and office complexes can all benefit from a wayfinding solution that […]

Craftsmanship and Technology Working in Harmony

There’s often discussion about the threat of robots replacing traditional manual labour – but here at Astra Signs, we believe the best results come from hands-on experts and world-class technology working together. Our skilled team injects flair, creativity and first-class workmanship into every signage project we undertake, while being ably supported by cutting-edge machines and systems. From constructing neon […]