Job Title: Project Manager

Responsible To: Sales Director


Internal: Middle Management, Project Administration / Co-ordinators

External: Customer Representatives

Job Purpose:

  • Day to day management of customer projects from design to installation, ensuring close customer liaison
  • Provide effective support service to Sales Director / Sales Team & Account Managers

Major Tasks:

  • Maintain good communications with customers and internal managers and staff, relative to the progress of the project
  • Maintain company assets in good condition
  • Co-ordination of customer projects from design to installation ensuring close customer contact

Detailed Tasks:

  • Monitor and control project costs to comply with budgets allocated
  • Continuously monitor work in progress and prepare variance reports as required, utilizing IT systems where appropriate
  • Attend proposed site locations for each project, identify and assess potential problems with products or services provided by the company to the customer
  • Assist Installations Manager to appoint suitable installation teams / contractors and ensure compliance with Health & Safety and CDM Regulations
  • Manage and issue work instructions to site personnel
  • Review project specifications prior to production and installation
  • Identify, plan and action corrective procedures against project variances or problem areas
  • Advise production specifiers and account managers of anticipated ‘on site’ delays as soon as these are identified, producing estimates of additional project costs and day work as required
  • Advise production specifiers of the scope and nature of projects, completing detailed technical surveys providing input to construction and installation issues as required
  • Attend site on regular basis to ensure smooth completion of each stage of project
  • Ensure full costs are passed to Accounts Manager, weekly and definitive cost summary on completion of project, for invoicing purposes
  • Maintain close company customer liaison throughout project
  • Maintain close and effective working relationship with and communications with Middle Management team, Project administrators and coordinators
  • Maintain up to date and accurate documentation of all aspects of projects in line with current, best company practices
  • Provide detailed project information and time scales to Senior Management
  • Prepare and distribute weekly work plans, itineraries and forecasts, prior to the beginning of each week
  • Constantly review project in line with production and installation documentation, ensuring close and effective dialogue with all relevant departments
  • Maintain all company assets, to which to project manager is entrusted, in good condition at all times and adhere to any and all company policies with respect to the use of company assets
  • Carry out any reasonable additional duties to those detailed, as and when required by the company
  • Carry out all duties within those guidelines laid down under the ‘Astra signs Quality Procedures’
  • Work additional hours as required to achieve the agreed objectives
  • Comply with all Health and Safety regulations as detailed in the company Health and Safety Manual
  • Ensure the privacy and strict confidentiality of all information to which the Project Manager has access

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