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Making Wayfinding Simple

A comprehensive wayfinding solution is vital when it comes to directing customers and visitors around your building or premises – but how can you make this often complex signage solution simple?

It’s not just for airports and hospitals – shopping centres, business parks, residential apartment blocks and office complexes can all benefit from a wayfinding solution that is logical, clear and reinforces your brand communication.

Creating the perfect solution for your business doesn’t have to be difficult. Read on for our inside information on creating a wayfinding navigational system that gets your visitors to their destination efficiently and simply.

What is wayfinding?

No matter the size of your business premises, a logical, clear series of signs can help direct your visitors around the building – the best wayfinding solutions are discreet, efficient and effective.

This type of signage is also an ideal opportunity to reinforce your corporate brand communication. These signs can be a further opportunity to reflect your brand with your logo, company name, fonts and colours.

The most prominent directional signage is seen in airports, shopping centres and hospitals, but smaller premises such as an apartment block or office facility can  still benefit from a considered approach to signage.

Why do you need a wayfinding solution?

Visitors to your premises might never have been there before, so while you know the most efficient routes around the building, your visitors may not. This uncertainty can be uncomfortable, but your wayfinding signage can help them find their own way to and from their destination.

Start with a survey

A comprehensive survey is usually the best way to start any signage project, but it becomes even more important when planning a wayfinding solution.

Your surveyor will look at the premises with fresh eyes, they might even be visiting for the very first time, which gives them a valuable insight into what’s required and where it would be most beneficial.

Wayfinding isn’t for your benefit, or repeat visitors, it’s for people arriving for the first time, or venturing into a new area so a fresh pair of eyes could be useful to spot gaps or oversights a regular visitor might miss.

Consider the design

A fleeting glimpse may be all your wayfinding signage gets, so it’s vital to use a visible and easy to read design.

Images and icons are easy to digest and universally understood. Your designer should use directional arrows, icons, contrasting colours and simple images to point the way.

A few more points to consider

Once the positioning, routes and design are established, think about the following elements to make sure your wayfinding solution is as efficient as it can be.

–       Is it functional?

–       Is it clear and easy to follow?

–       Does it have longevity? (will the routes/destinations change, for example if a new store opens in your shopping centre)

–       Have you considered all the options? (different routes etc.)

–       Have you considered accessibility?

–       Have you specified emergency exit routes?

With all this to consider, as well as design, installation and ongoing maintenance, a wayfinding solution can be a huge project with lots to remember, but our experts at Astra Signs can guide you through the process to make it as easy as possible for you.

We can work alongside your architects to map out routes and emergency exits, as well as identifying opportunities for branding you might otherwise have missed.

No matter the size of your premises, we can make sure your wayfinding signs are consistent, functional and made of high-quality materials that are fit for purpose, whether they need to be interior, exterior, illuminated or neon.

Let us take control of your next project.